Long Wall Banner Custom Made
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Long Wall Banner Custom Made

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Do you want to Be Unique and One of a Kind? Have a Favourite Character? Actual Person? Object? Landscape? Can't find existing merchandise? We Can Help You Now! We can make custom-made t-shirts,pillow covers,bedsheets,duvet covers,towels,wall banner and much more!

You Pick,We Make. Risk Free & We Make Only if the Print is AMAZING

Please Follow 3 step blow,you will get your own yourself wall banner.

1.Find an image that is at least 800 pixels (larger the better quality) and 120 and above dpi (dots per inch).If image file size is too large for upload,please upload to servers such as dropbox,google drive,flickr, etc... and send us the image file URL path so we can download it directly via email [email protected] or at checkout.For more custom made resolution,see below.

*Images should be in dimensions of ratio Height to Width: 3 to 1
*(For 150 x 50cm wall banner).CMYK and RGB colours are fine.
*Recommend above 5MB file to ensure High Definition and no blurry result
*Wall Banner Custom Pixels Request for the Size:

18x51cm need 800*2270 PX or Larger
29x79cm need 850*2320 PX or Larger
40x105cm need 1140*2980 PX or Larger
50x150cm need 1420*4250 PX or Larger

If you like the pics of dakimakura from our site,just tell to us the dakimakura Models,and we will custom that pics to your own Wall Banners.
If you require other sizes,required please email [email protected]

2.Rename image file to your name.jpg,then upload file in the above option.

3.Once confirmed,place order here by Add to Cart.If you have more than 1 custom made,repeat steps 1 to 3 for each item.

If you cannot find, no worries you can check out the websites below and type in "dakimakura" or your anime character name in their search bar
(i) https://yande.re/
(ii) http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?page=2&tags=dakimakura
(iii) http://i.ntere.st/c/20046519
(iv) Use Google's Image Search to find Design

Reviews (20)

by Agapi Thomas


by joe hoe

its great.

by tosca willems

Tri-cot pillow case was amazing!

by Fiona Spurling

it really is nice.

by giampaolo paranzino

Great quality and fast shipping

by Linda Stellaart

Samples were a little small to get a good feel for the fabrics, but far better than none at all. Would have liked the option to pick slower shipping so I wasn't paying '10 to ship a sample too, but not the end of the world. Still satisfied that they are offered.

by Mitja Strajnar

A-MEI-ZING product thank you loved eveything about it. trust me this is not the Last. You will be hearing from me

by Nonhlanhla Mushanganyisi

Beautiful printing. It's very comfortable, and arrived safe and sound.

by elisa canum

The fabric was quite soft and not a disappointment at all (I used the tricot). The image quality didn't have any kinks that I could find. All around I think I'll probably use this site to order another case again.

by Tracey Cox

Very accurate and best website. Designs are quality.